Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory roof replacement

Do you find the seasonal fluctuations in temperature make your conservatory unbearable? Resulting in your space being too hot to enjoy in the summer and too cold to suffer in the winter months.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have unusable space in your home and have the perfect solution.

By replacing your old conservatory roof with a new thermally efficient system, you can transform the way you use your conservatory. Our replacement conservatory roof systems keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They have been designed to provide temperature-controlled living spaces that can be enjoyed all year round. Furthermore, the addition of a solid or tiled roof to your conservatory will make it look and feel like a home extension and even add value to your home.

At Orchard, we only work with leading manufacturers of new conservatory roofs, such as WARMroof and SupaLite. In addition, all our new conservatory roof systems are bespoke to complement your existing structure.

Benefits of a
conservatory roof replacement

Unfortunately, old polycarbonate roofs create extreme variations in temperate and prevent the full enjoyment of your home extension. When you invest in a new conservatory roof, this problem will be eliminated.
This is just one of the many, many advantages of replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled or solid roof system, here are a few more for consideration.

Thermally efficient Solid Roofs

Our solid conservatory roof systems are insulated to the highest standards using premium-grade materials. This exceptional level of insulation creates an energy-efficient and soundproofed extension for your home.

Usable living space

A considerable benefit from upgrading your old conservatory roof is having an extension to your living space which will be usable all year round. A tiled or solid roof not only looks stylish, but when you sell your property, prospective buyers will think so, too, proving a selling point.

Economical upgrade

Replacing your old polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof is more economical than a new build conservatory. With tile and panel options available to complement your home, it’s a straightforward and cost-effective process.

Warmroof replacement conservatory roofs
Replacement conservatory roof - Orchard Stamford

What are the
roof replacement options?

Solid Roof

Solid roof replacement panels have a traditional conservatory appearance externally and are designed to combine solid and glazed roof panels. The combination of glass and solid roof panels allows natural light to enter your conservatory. In addition, the impressive thermal performance will enable you to transform your home into a space you can enjoy throughout the year.

Tiled Roof

Tiled conservatory roofs are available in a range of stylish colours and textures.
These include slate or concrete imitation tiles. Choose a contrasting roof tile colour or slate or tile to complement your property. Tiled roofs provide the look and feel of a home extension designed to sit perfectly alongside the look of your home.

What is the best solid
conservatory roof replacement?

Here at Orchard Home Improvements, we have many years of experience and have selected what we consider to be the very best leading manufacturers of solid and tiled roofs for conservatories.  We believe in supplying and installing only the very best products that will offer the best good looks and efficiency such as WARMroof and SupaLite.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing conservatory roof or considering options for your new conservatory or home extension, we will help you find the perfect roof system. Our experts will advise you on the correct method to suit your budget and complement the look of your home.

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