SupaLite Conservatory Roof Systems

If you are looking for a high-quality tiled conservatory roof,
look no further than SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems.

The SupaLite roof system is designed to be installed as a retrofit onto existing conservatory window frames, converting your conservatory into a usable all-year-round space. This roof system can also be used as part of your new build conservatory or orangery project.
SupaLite tiled roof systems undergo thorough testing and are subject to extensive research, producing state of the art, lightweight tiled conservatory roof system which is compatible with all roof styles.
The process involves removing old conservatory roofs and replacing them with lightweight tiled roofs, transforming them into comfortable temperature-controlled home extensions.

SupaLite conservatory roofs are suitable for any style new build conservatory style or as a conservatory roof replacement. Furthermore, with the addition of internal pelmet ceiling lighting and interior plastering, your conservatory will not only feel like a traditional extension but also look like one.

SupaLite Conservatory Roof Systems

Transforming your existing conservatory into extra living space is simple with our Supalite Tiled Conservatory Roof System. This replacement roof system is the perfect solution when you need a new solid conservatory roof.

The lightweight aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation, and custom tiles are tailored to your existing conservatory frame and provide you with a welcoming living space free from wind and rain noise, leaks, and extreme temperature fluctuations

SupaLite tile colours

When you choose a SupaLite replacement conservatory roof, we help you select the correct tiles to complement your existing home.
The hardwearing tiles on Supalite roofs come with a 50-year weatherproof guarantee and, they are available in a variety of colours. The colour choices have been carefully selected so you shouldn’t have any difficulty matching the roof’s appearance to that of your property.
They’re also tough to remove and virtually maintenance-free, which means that you can enjoy a secure living space with the absolute minimum of hassle.



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SupaLite Sky Vista

SupaLite Sky Vista will transform your conservatory into a solid roof system without losing natural light. This system features glass panels with a 60% solar heat reflection that allows 45% of natural light to flood your room and offers the best glazing solutions.
The SupaLite Sky Vista self-cleaning glass panels provide a stylish look internally when plastered and painted while allowing natural light into your conservatory without overheating in the summer.
Sky Vista from SupaLite will award you the best of both worlds, part glass alongside an aluminium solid roof system, and stable thermal control within your newly transformed living space. Give your home a makeover with stylish glass panels installed into your new solid roof.

In addition to the superb range of SupaLite and SupaLite Sky Vista replacement conservatory roof systems, we also work with the award-winning WARMroof and WARMroof Hybrid solid roof systems.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Styles

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