WARMroof Conservatory Roofs

The WarmRoof replacement conservatory roof system for homes in the Stamford area.

Here at Orchard Home Improvements, we only work with leading manufactures of replacement and new conservatory roof systems. That’s why we offer the awarding-winning WARMroof tiled and solid roofs.

The WARMroof system from Prefix Systems boasts the most configurable, structurally solid, and insulated tiled roofing system in the UK. Which makes the WARMroof solid or tiled roof system suitable for orangeries, conservatories, and sunrooms. Furthermore, its innovative and aesthetically pleasing design ensures the very highest level of thermal efficiency for your home.

The solid or tiled roof of a WARMroof gives a robust extension feel, yet with a light and airy environment of a conservatory. The addition of a tiled or solid WARMroof will provide all the benefits that a true home extension brings.

Can you fit a WARMroof
onto an existing conservatory?

The WARMroof system is exceptionally lightweight and strong; therefore, it is suitable for replacement roof installations. In addition, there is the option of fitting retro posts for older conservatories to strengthen existing side frames further.
Therefore replacing your old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with a highly insulated WARMroof system is certainly possible.

What is a WARMroof?

WARMroof is an insulated tiled roof system suitable for conservatories, new builds, and replacement roof projects. These solid or tiled roofs are highly configurable, structurally robust, and insulated, making Warmroof a market leader in conservatory roof replacements.
Whether you are looking to replace an existing conservatory roof, refurbish an existing conservatory or build a brand-new extension, the technology behind WARMroofoffers the highest levels of thermal efficiency.

For this reason, Orchard Home Improvements are proud to offer WARMroof to homeowners in the Stamford area.

What is a Warmroof
Tiled replacement roof - Orchard Stamford

How Does A WARMroof work?

Before you consider replacing your old conservatory roof with a solid or tiled roof, you may wonder how a WARMroof works.
Essentially it is a ‘breathable roof construction’ that allows moisture to escape, in turn, preventing damp and any other decay problems. It is thermally efficient and cost-effective. A true ‘warm roof’ construction increases the effectiveness of the insulation and stops warm air leakage from the building into the roof space. The insulation in a WARMroof system is 150mm thick overall, with 50mm sitting above the roof structure, meaning the rafters are insulation providing a genuine ‘warm’ roof.

WARMroof Hybrid

WARMroof Hybrid is the ultimate luxury solid conservatory roof, with perfect light and thermal efficiency combination. This solid tiled roof system combines thermal efficiency with glass roof panels to allow natural light into your extension while maintaining temperature-controlled comfort.
WARMroof Hybrid brings the feeling of light and space with its glass panels and a stylish contemporary look to your home.

Here at Orchard Home Improvements, we believe in quality and choice. We only work with manufacturers we know and trust to fulfill this brief. Therefore we provide solid roof systems from WARMroof and SupaLite.

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