Create A Welcoming Entrance

Your front door is the first thing guests will notice about your home. Not only that, but the right front door can also increase the value of your house and influence the thoughts of potential buyers.

All the front doors we make are bespoke, which means you can choose the exact style of door to suit your home’s personality. Each timber alternative door is made to measure, meaning you can be as creative as you like to ensure you get your dream door.


Perhaps the most obvious way to enhance the character of your property is to choose a complimentary or contrasting colour for your main entrance. If you have coloured window frames or a garage door, you may want your front door to match. The good news is we have a colour matching service, which means you can. Alternatively, think about the style of your property – is it a contemporary or period home? Various shades of grey are a still a firm favourite with our customers, but if you fancy being more colourful, we have over 200 colours you can choose from.

Which colour should you choose?

Estate agent Marsh & Parsons got together with well-respected colour consultancy, Pantone, to find out what front door colours reveal about your personality. Black (like 10 Downing Street) reflects power and prestige, while those going for a pristine, minimalist look often choose white. Grey is a timeless, classic option and navy blue represents those who are trustworthy and authoritative.

Dynamic and engaging individuals love red doors, while green offers a sense of quiet and calm. Those who like to make a statement choose yellow, pink and purple doors; yellow particularly offers warmth and optimism.

Glazing options

Whether your main priority is for style, privacy or letting in the light, we have a huge array of glazing options to suit. Obscure glass maintains privacy while allowing the flow of natural light; we offer a choice of different patterns to complement your home. Leaded glass protects privacy, in addition to providing a beautiful finish. Vision Etched glass is very popular right now, suiting both contemporary and period properties. This allows you to add your house name or number to your door, maintaining privacy while still letting in some light.