Tiled roof system - Orchard Home Improvements Stamford


The award-winning tiled conservatory roof designed for all year round comfort.

The WARMroof replacement roof system is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated, and tiled roof in the UK market. You will find that this replacement roof solution is perfect for our garden rooms, sunrooms, single story extensions, and a part of a conservatory refurbishment project. The lightweight tiled roof ensures the highest thermal efficiency levels, keeping the room warm in the cooler months, and reducing energy bills.

Flexible Design

The WARMroof can offer you a highly functional, flexible, and luxurious new living space for new installations and conservatory replacement projects. Each replacement roof is incredibly versatile to fit your home perfectly.

We offer a range of finishing touches and upgrades from the outside to the inside, helping to create the perfect living space for you.