Conservatories and orangeries are both great options if you’re planning on doing a major home extension, so it would be a good idea for you to know and understand the difference between them. Additionally, having yourself familiarised with their individual features will make it easier for you to choose an option that will suit your preferences.


Orangeries have been around since the 17th century but were only built for the aristocracy of society in Italy. Most of the orangeries included underfloor heating and stoves to keep the temperature warm all year round as they were traditionally utilised to house and grow exotic trees that needed protection through the cold months.


Today, orangeries still have that touch of elegance, perfect if you’re wanting to make your home different and stand out from the rest of the crowd. They are now typically composed of a glass roof covering less than 75% of the overall roof area and glass walls that cover less than 50% of the overall wall area. They also include large glazed windows, solid brick pillars, brick or stone bases, a lantern roof and a corbel gutter.


Conservatories, on the other hand, were created as a by-product of orangeries. They act as an extension of the home, often with the same design and features, such as similar colours and UPVC to match the appearance of the house.


Conservatories are typically made of a glass roof that covers at least 75% of the overall roof area and glass walls which cover at least 50% of the overall wall area. This is the reason why conservatories are greatly preferred by most UK homeowners nowadays as they are able to provide more natural light inside, depending on the location of installation and considering that no obstructions will block the natural light.

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